3 Best Facebook Skin Website Source

Now people if getting addicting to facebook. Everyone especially young people join this number one social network. Yes, facebook is the king of internet. However, unlike friendster, facebook not allow user to change their profile theme. But don’t worry, some website provide a way to change your profile theme. The key of this hack is using Mozilla Firefox and Stylish Addon. You can check one of website at the list below.

FBSkin.com is the best place to find Facebook Skins. FBSkin.com have many Facebook Skins that you can use to personalized Your Facebook Profile for free

There are tons of different styles, colors, and themes. Pick yout favorite facebook layout from our categories and easily click the “Install” button to apply the layout directly on your Facebook profile!

Facebookskin.com is a simple web, share to all of facebook fans to get more attractive layout.
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